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Trans girl looking to meet group of men for fun in el sofa

edited May 9 in El Sofa
Most days from May 20th till Sept ok


  • What time are you normally there
  • Usually from 1.30
  • Are you there today? If not, can I meet you there tomorrow? ;)
  • would you be interested in meeting me there tomorrow Vikki
  • tomorrow as in Monday 21st May
  • I cant get off work before 3...
  • I can't get there until the weekend sorry
  • okay shame as i had 3 guys abuse me today have not cum like that in a long time
  • I will be there at 1 22 of may. I hope to meet a transe ;)
  • I am a bit late. Be there at 3 ;)
  • Love to meet and have some fun with some guys and you x
  • I can go today el sofa or playa nudista RACO del cornil
  • when you said to the sofa i go for know you , to 27,28,29 go to the sofa , if you like know in the sofa for make a sex for your body not againt moore penetration and yet my milk in your body

    moore kisess!!!

    and souk your ass!!!! jejejejjeje
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