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A small complaint

Today I have been charged again.
I'm a trans girl
When asked why, the zero empathic chinese girl at the door, clarify me that the free entry is only for "girls", and that I was not a "girl".
So I think you should change the "ladies free" statement on the web to "reaal woman only free" and avoid confusion.
On the other hand tell the trans girls that in The Sofa they are not considered girls, and to avoid bad times better do not go.
As I will not come back, of course :)


  • edited April 18
    Hi Kryssy,

    Ladies have free entry and this is to encourage couples to come. Couples are hugely popular and there are are over 200 customers who'd like to get a notification by Whatsapp if there's a couple. Everybody else has to pay.

    I agree that a 'lady' could be called a 'real woman' but I don't think that is necessary.

    Over the years it's been pretty clear to everyone. Couples just pay half price as that's what draws in most people.

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