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Postings WITHOUT a meaningful subject or containing the words 'TOMORROW' or 'TODAY' will be DELETED!

edited February 28 in El Sofa
'Tomorrow' can be any day as it fully depends when the message is read.

Or: ‘Today’. When is today???

You should put in a DAY and/or DATE. Nobody wants to read messages that say 'tomorrow' but are a week old. Any message that says 'tomorrow' or ‘today’ will be DELETED!

Furthermore: messages like 'April 14th' will also be deleted! What about April 14th? Will a nuclear attack take place? Do you think a date as a subject is an interesting title? Do you expect people to actually click and read that?

Or 'Man X'. And then this 'Man X' is looking for couples. Why don't you put in 'Hot guy looking for couples' in the subject line? If your writing is that bad don't expect any response!

Common guys, put some meaningful words in the subject line AND put in a DAY and/or DATE!

This will make a better forum with less irrelevant messages.
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